Lightroom Mod APK 2024 v9.2.0 (Premium Unlocked) Download

Have you ever been stuck in finding the right choice for editing and organizing your photos, surely you are at the right place. Adobe Lightroom Mod apk is a tailor-made software, that allows you to adjust, and organize with just a few taps.

You can capture amazing photos, by using different sliders and presets to adjust photos color, contrast, exposure, and clarity.


Lightroom MOD APK Download Latest Version

App NameAdobe Lightroom APK
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
Update25 February 2024
GenreImage Editing
Latest Versionv9.2.0

What is Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom had been wonderful and intelligent photo-editing software on PC before coming to the mobile era.

Now it is time to edit your images more professionally through Adobe Lightroom. Let’s check its more unhidden features that will compel you to use this software.

Adobe Lightroom is a completely free mobile application by which you can edit images and short videos, and published by Adobe itself.

Lightroom Mod Apk Download For Andriod

Important Points:

  • It is supported by many professional tools, you can edit your images smartly, with depth, and keep the naturalness of the photos.
  • After years of advantages and experience in the field of imaging, Adobe Lightroom ensures different editing capabilities.

Prominent Features:

Easy editing tools and Friendly Interface:

The best features that Adobe Lightroom endorses are the good practicality and conciseness of the interface. Adobe Lightroom provides easy-to-use image and video editing tools without the involvement of complicated procedures.

  • You just need to drag up and down the sliders to adjust the level and move on to the next to continue the procedure.
  • You will get your picture and save it computer device or share it with other social networks with optional quality.
  • The whole procedure is smooth, and fast and needs aesthetic and visual skills. This provides you the opportunity to create images without any graphic knowledge.
Lightroom Interface

Package of Filters and Presets:

The next important feature of having filters and presets available is Adobe Lightroom. The filter is a unique colored layer that applies to an image to make it more visually attractive. On the other hand, presets are pre-adjusted parameters of popular photographers.

Take your image quality to the next level by selecting one or more filters and presets available in Adobe Lightroom. If your visuals appear more attractive to you by using presets and editing satisfies you completely, you can save your preset as a personal preset.

Filters and Presets

Basic to Advanced level:

If you are still not satisfied with using filters/presets, you can enhance your image quality by using other parameters neatly present in Adobe Lightroom.

  • You can do cropping, rotating, exposure, contrast, and along with it, use AI assistance Adobe Lightroom that will automatically readjust your size, shape, and color resulting in clearness and tidiness of the image.
  • You can do cropping, rotating, exposure, contrast, and along with it, use AI assistance Adobe Lightroom that will automatically readjust your size, shape, and color resulting in clearness and tidiness of the image.
  • Not only that, Adobe Lightroom also helps in improving the camera lens quality. Within minutes, you can turn your mobile phone into a professional camera.
  • This functionality helps you in capturing raw visuals, and professional close-ups.
  • Video Editing inclusion in the Adobe ensures editing of short videos effectively. These features take your videography to an advanced level by trimming, merging, dubbing music, adjusting audio, and contrasting images possible tasks done by this tool.
Basic to Advanced level

Selective adjustments:

Selective adjustments are one of Lightroom’s most underutilized features but also an important one. This feature is powerful and useful for photographers who want to stand out. Here we will have a detailed discussion on what a user can do using a selective adjustment tool.

Adjust saturation: The user can adjust the saturation of any particular area of the image with perfection.

Removal of noise: Photographers may often find noise in their images but do not need to be worried because it can be removed easily by applying nose reduction to selected areas.

Effective workflow: A user can save time by using a selective adjustment tool as it can be applied to relevant areas of the image where adjustment or correction is needed.

Radial filter: It can be used for multiple purposes such as to bring focus to the subject, to blur the background, to sharpen your subject, or to produce an illusion of lights in your images.

Distraction removal: This function of selective adjustments can be very useful for users as it allows them to remove the distraction from relevant areas only without touching the other areas of an image.

Focused adjustments: From the above information, we already know that target adjustments (adjustments to the relevant areas without disturbing the other areas of an image) are one of the key and useful functions of selective adjustments.

Colors and tones: This function of selective adjustments gives life to any boring image by producing joyful color gradients.

Auto Mask: This feature allows users to make distinct selections so, this is a cool feature if you’re making a very specific selection, and pro editors use this feature quite often.

Clarity: Sometimes photos captured by cameras are not clear, to solve this problem selective adjustments can be a very helpful tool.

Rang mask: This feature is very new to Lightroom and it is one of the most liked image processing tools. This allows users to apply adjustments to target areas without disturbing other points of a photo.

What is Lightroom Mod Apk?

Adobe Lightroom is accessible to the Google Play store and comes up with monthly and annual subscriptions. The developers made the modified version of Lightroom in Mod ApK, by which you can access unlimited editing tools without any subscription charges.

Lightroom Mod ApK comprises a rich suite of tools and features and enables you to export photos with or without a watermark.

Let’s have a look that caters to your attention and enjoy unlimited options for your editing.

Lightroom Mod APK

  • 200+ effective unlocked presets
  • Free from Ads
  • No need to log in
  • No issue with the image export
  • High-Quality image export
  • Free from unwanted permissions, services, providers
  • Optimization of resources along with compression applied JPEG, PNG, webp, etc
  • Removed unnecessary and duplicate files
  • AOSP compatible and debug info removed
  • Disabled Analytics, crash reports, firebase
  • Optimized and zip-aligned graphics
  • Cleaned resources for speed optimization

Feature Info Lightroom Mod APK

Premium Unlocked

  • Unseal all the premium features for free
  • Accessible to premium filters, presets, and tools
  • Utilization of the app without any limitations
  • Editing your photos as much as you want
  • Export your files in any size or format

Free and Secure

  • It is safe, secure, and free to use
  • Free from Security and malware threats
  • No requirements to access your device location
  • The app still works online without any network connection
  • Secured ApK without paying for it

No ads

  • Erases all the ads from Lightroom Lite ApK
  • Free from interruptions and distractions
  • No loading of ads saves battery and data
  • Smooth interface without pop-ups
  • Edit photos without worrying

No Login Required:

  • No need to sign in with login information
  • No demand for privacy and security checkup requirements
  • It’s on the go app for use
  • Faster photo editing when required

High-Quality Export

  • This leads to the export of photos and videos in high-quality
  • Select the desired format, resolution, and quality of photos and videos
  • Sharpness and crispiness of images retain
  • No need to worry about loss of detailing or compression
  • Export them to save or share online

Presets Unlocked:

  • Unlocking all the presets for free
  • Access to 200+ premium presets
  • Enable you to create your own presets and share them
  • Capability to enhance photos and videos with different styles
  • Ensures downloading from the online library

No watermark

  • No watermark on photos and videos
  • No logs and text appear after exporting your files
  • Gain credibility and ownership of your photos and videos
  • Leverage the opportunity of Customizable editing options
  • Best app for both commercial and personal uses

Note: Avoid login by tapping on the ‘X’ cross on the login screen.

Layout of Advanced features and usage of Lightroom Pro APK

Lightroom Mod ApK is typically designed with a user-friendly interface to cater to the attention of amateurs and professionals in the field of editing. It enhances the overall user experience with easy-to-operate features effortlessly.

  • Intuitive navigation
  • Easy and quick access to essential tools
  • Flawless editing functions

Asset Store:

The standout feature of Lightroom is the integration of Adobe Creative Cloud. It enables you to:

  • Paves the way for storing photos securely in their original form
  • You can save and reuse photos for future use
  • Adobe’s Lightroom Premium offers more insights into the features

Editing Photos and Videos:

Lightroom Photo video editor Mod ApK offers a plentitude of tools and presets for editing:

  • Utilization of various tools for photos and videos
  • Implementation of full 1200 presets for swift and professional output
  • Export files in HD quality for optimal appearance

How to Use Download and Install Lightroom Premium Mod Apk

Lightroom Premium Mod APK offers a wide range of presets and filters for beginners and professionals. With this, you can access your saved edits and presets, and with Lightroom Mod Apk 2024, you can even generate better images. The Android version enables a convenient way to edit your photos.

  1. Downloading Lightroom Premium is easy and comprises of the following steps you must note:
  2. First download Lightroom Mod Apk from the
  3. Go to Privacy Protection Settings of your Android system, check for special permissions, and then tap on it.
  4. After that open the Install Unknown App options within special permissions.
  5. On the interface, you will see many apps and select the app from which you want to install MOD APK.
  6. A warning or permission message will appear, press OK to continue installing the app.
  7. After the installation process, open the app, and edit your photos with Lightroom.

Pros and Cons of Lightroom Mobile:


  • It is free and easy to use.
  • Rich suite of tools, presets, and filters to edit your photos and videos effortlessly.
  • The built-in camera helps in the capturing of amazing photos.
  • Synchronization and backup facilities are available for cloud storage.
  • It is user-friendly UI and UX.
  • Creation of short videos and reels with the help of a reel maker.
  • No ads, watermark, or login requirements, and HD export and other premium features are not required.


  • You might face issues like not being compatible with some Android devices
  • May not have some features available in the original app

Final Thoughts

Lightroom Mod APK has certainly become one of the popular apps for interactively editing photos and videos. Not only that, it comes up with Adobe CC and easy to use its editing tools.

It is a great choice for both beginners and professionals, as it has both premium and free versions. The premium version is available in the modded form, as it is continuously updated.

Lightroom Mod Apk 2024 is best to use as more advanced features are inculcating and you cannot access better features on this platform.

Take your creativity to the next level by creating stunning visuals with Lightroom.


Yes, Lightroom MOD APK can be safe to use if downloaded from a trusted source.

The standard version of Lightroom available on the Google Play Store offers a range of features for free. The Lightroom Mod APK provided here unlocks all premium features without any cost.

Yes, Lightroom is not just a photo editor but also includes video editing capabilities.

Using Lightroom Mod APK allows users to have free access to all paid features offered by the official version.

There are no such limitations to using Lightroom Mod APK however, a user may experience a lack of updates and limited support.

Not as frequently as provided by the original version and this may cause compatibility issues with newer devices.